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Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Spa Bacholerette party

I hosted my sister Gem's bacholerette party for two reasons: bec. I've always wanted to host a spa party and second bec. I wanted to see what kind of papercraft decoration/projects I can make with the theme.

With the party itself, I have a friend who is a Mary Kay consultant and she helped me figure out the things we can do. So we had facials and make up courtesy of MK. That was fun but also we had a raffle where the guests didn't bring any gifts to the party, instead we pooled all our monies together so Gem can buy her complete makeup set. And she got it plus some more. The girls which was mostly her friends enjoyed the raffle as well bec. my friend had really cool prizes for them to win.

I made all the food and made this really cute and easy strawberry swirl cake with white frosting. Oh yummy. Everybody liked my dimsum (kinda like potstickers) and the cheese and mango chutney with crackers served as appetizer.

Fun was had by all, but for me the best part was the projects I made for the shower. Gem said I was crazy for doing all that but I WANTED to do it. I used all scraps (I didn't buy any new supplies/products) and made some pretty cute creations.

First one is the paper flowers. My flowers were made out of heart petals and fringed cardstock bulbs. I just used a plain tall glass as my vase. Simple yet cute.

The second one is the party favors. I made little bags (from thick cardstock and pattern papers). Added ribbons for handle, made a little tag and stuck a lip gloss set from MK in there. I made 9. Love it!

And the third is a mini album I wanted to give to my sis. You see I felt like as an 18 yr old bride she still might now know what marriage entails so a few months ago I emailed our friends and family (the email was sent to the woman of the house) and asked them what is the best marriage advice they can give her, whether it be from their own experience or something that was shared to them. I compiled it and put it in a little book and presented it to her that night.

here is the title page

Oh I also made a banner. All scraps but turned out cute.
Hope I was able to inspire.
Have a great day,
P.S.- I did make the invites as well, I just didn't get a pic of it.

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Mrs. Doyle said...

the party was awesome.. and the food was mmm mmm good!