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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to school fun projects

This week I have "back to school" in my head. We've been trying to get our butts in gear for the upcoming school year, doing registrations and making a list of things we need to purchase for the kids.

So I thought what better time to sprinkle some papercrafting into the school season by altering some supplies.

This one is an altered composition notebook. Had a lot of fun with this one. I didn't make it too much of a school themed since maybe I want to use the book for something other than jotting down school notes. I also made a pocket on the front inside cover, just a little added touch that I know I will benefit when I finally use the book.
front of the book
detailed look of the front
back side
inside front with the pocket showing.

This minibook is made out of ID badge holders. They're the clear pockets that you can fit a nametag in and has holes on top for string or something to clip to your clothes. I got a bunch of them for a really cheap price and I thought of making a little minibook out of it. The theme for mine was all about the summer movies that we saw this year. The theater in our mall has a program every summer that they show certain G and PG movies on tuesdays and wednesdays at 10 am for free. We've gone pretty much every week and have seen a few movies that I thought would be fun to make a book out of. I had my son Marcus critic them by putting how many stars they should each have. He was a really though critic. We also watched a couple new movies this summer that I thought to add. I went online to movieposter.com and copied (I know this is bad!) poster pics of the movies, shrunk them and printed off of picture paper. Lovin the results.
Front of the book
detailed look. The sun button was adhered on top of the cover. I didn't want the pages to be bulky.
inside page
another inside page
back cover
Oh and I'm teaching these projects at my local church group and I'd be happy to make extra kits for those interested. If you want me to reserve you a spot at the class or mail you a kit. Please leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you the rest of the info for these.
That's it for right now.
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Mrs. Doyle said...

i like the little movie critique thingy! very clever!

and for the notebook...

you are crazy! (in a good paper crazy lady kinda way)

miss you!