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Saturday, August 25, 2007

another long post

Well have been in an organized mode this past couple of days. Went through my computer files yesterday and chucked about half the stuff in my document file. Felt good about that. After I was done on the computer I turned my chair and noticed that my scrap space was needing some reorganization. So after printing off some needed labels I moved my stuff around. Didn't look that different from when I started but felt good that most of them have labels now. I also went through some supplies and placed some more stuff in my "to be given away" bin. (Gem if you're reading this, most of that stuff will go to you. *wink*)

I felt so proud of it that I decided to take pics of my space. Why? well why not!

This is the big picture. Lovin my skylight that dear husband put in when he did our roof in june. That's why this room is so much brighter compare to a year ago. I love working on the big oval table, more room to make a mess in.

Here's a cube thing I put together all by myself (hence the reason it's leaning). I put all my stamps here and my die cut machine plus my scissors. Note: I moved the scissors somewhere else now cause Maddie discovered it.

Here's my jars of embellishment. Everybody that sees this always ask me where I get it and here's the history behind this. This jar is recycled. It was a delmonte diced tomatoes jar in the previous life. I washed it and added some pattern paper onto it to make it pretty. Cute and didn't cost me anything. Cool huh!
Here's another recycled storage solution. I'm a costco fan and the ribbon storage was a container for cookies and the alphas box was a strawberry container. Both was washed thoroughly before I used them. I prefer clear containers. They're the best!
I'm a sucker for inspiration. Love my "small" collection of scrapbook magazines and books. Oh my dear Tia gave me some really cool craft magazines as well. Lovin that too.
Here's a few small baskets I scored at the dollar tree store. Both cutely labeled and store way up in the shelf so the kiddos don't get a hold of it.
Another close up look in my shelf storage. The scrap essential container is actually one of those buffet utensil server. I got it at a craft boutique for $8. I first used it at a baby shower I hosted but then after it was sitting in my closet for a few months, I decided to bring life to it again by using it in my scrap space. All I do is take it out and put on my table when I work. Easy, fun and effective.
I got this paper storage at costco a long time ago. I still use it. I do want to go vertical with my paper storage but felt that if have this might as well use it, right?!
Some fun altered items to add flair to my space. I altered a $1 corkboard. The big letter G is from making memories. I painted it and covered it with prima flowers. Fun stuff! The top of the cube storage is a little display of some projects I've made.
Ok so if you're a scrapper, I hope I inspired you and if you're my family member reading this, well now you know how addicted I am with this hobby. hehehehe
Have a great day,

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