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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wedding Pics

Life here is getting back to its normal routine. I say that bec. I can actually come on my computer and update my blog. For me that's a perfect sign that my life is not busy crazy anymore.

Here are some pics of the much stressed out but fantastic wedding of my sister Gem. I wasn't the photographer ( I wish I was) but I did manage to sneak in some noteworthy pics.
My little kiddos in their cute outfits. Marcus refused to wear a pink shirt. He said it was for girls, so we settled in with a necktie with some hints of pink. Maddie's outfit was found at the swapmeet for half the price I would've paid at the mall. Score!!!
My sister Glady being a great big sister for Gem.
The reception hall was really "cute". The decorations wasn't over done. The room was filled with white and pink. Just the perfect combination for a young couple's wedding. The picture shows our centerpieces. I borrowed cake platters from diff. people and placed our party favors on top of them. This way we saved from buying fresh flowers for all 24 tables. I got the idea from Martha Stewart. Cool huh!
There were some teary-eyed moments but all in all it was a blast. Lots of food left over (we knew that would happen) and no major drama unfolded.
The kind of party we all enjoy.
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