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Monday, August 20, 2007

Finally a beach trip

With everything going on during the past couple of months, we somehow forgot the most recognizable activity in the summer and that is going to the beach!!! But after this weekend, we can finally say that we have experienced summer at its fullest. We went to San Onofre Beach on saturday. Mitch's high school friend (who he met up with again at his reunion in june) decided to teach Mitch how to surf. So we all tagged along and made it a family affair. We were so lucky that we picked the "perfect" day to be at the beach. The weather was a little warm but the water was very refreshing. There were tons of people surfing so not much swimming done but the kids did enjoy playing in the sand. Ken's (Mitch's friend) wife was so great with the kids. They loved her and how she tirelessly ran back and forth to the water to the shore to fill their buckets of water. By the end of the trip, Maddie was saying her name so clearly (Angie), so cute!

Marcus also loved jumping over the waves that tapers off on the shore. Look at those waves. They were truly fun.

We didn't see Mitch in action bec. they went to a certain spot far away from us but he said he caught some waves and was standing up and surfing.
Pretty cool! fun, fun, fun!

And for those scrapbook lurkers, here's a page I did. Just trying to catch up. Hey I'm doing April now, feeling a little relieved about that.

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