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Saturday, August 25, 2007

ready for school

hey two posts in one day, I must be totally bored today. NOT! just thought there's more to today that just posting my scrap space.

Ok well lookie here who's so eager to go to school. I edited the color of the picture a little cause the background has too much clutter. (little embarrased here).

Most of the pictures are blurry cause I couldn't keep the kids from moving around, sorry about that. Marcus picked his shoes and backpack all by himself. He officially likes Optimus Prime of Transformers. Funny kid. Maddie liked her princess bag and butterfly shoes. Man I swear my kids' feet are gonna be monstrous in a few years from now. They just grow so fast.

So we went to Walmart this morning and bought some stuff to get ready for school. Gotta hand it to walmart, when they have sale items, it's really cheap. Packs of pencils for 50 cents or paper for 30 cents. How cool is that!

When we got home the kids tried out their new art supplies. Made more mess than art but they had fun.

Marcus was so funny when we got back from the store. He couldn't wait for me to take out all the tags from his backpack and shoes. I saw him hugging his "transformer" stuff and said "I'm so happy! Mama". Oh the things that can make a 4 year old boy happy

Have a great day,


mrs. doyle said...

two words... TOO CUTE!!!!

DC_Fulano said...

hola, keria decir que eres una chava muy linda...

Tu blog es muy original...


Alyrose said...

Looking cute!! I also got 2 pairs of comfy shoes from Zappos for my sweet kids.