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Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Specs for Marcus

Remember this post about my son getting his first pair of prescription glasses? Well that was over a year ago. He was very excited about it for a couple of weeks but the excitement wore off and he refused to wear them ever since. Well I had a meeting with his Pediatrician recently. I told her that he has refused to wear his glasses and she suggested that we bring him back to the Ophthalmologist to see if his prescription changed. 

About three weeks ago we went back to the eye doctor. The good news is that his eyesight was much better than a year ago. The bad side (cause there's always the negative side, right?) One eye was working harder than the other so she gave him a new prescription to correct that issue. I made Marcus pick his frame with hopes that he'll want to wear it more often if he chose the design of the frame. 

Here's what he chose...

The eye doctor made a deal with Marcus. The plan was that he doesn't have to wear them all the time but she wants him to wear it when he's working on the computer or reading a book. Those where the only times it's a "must wear" item. 

Marcus shook the doctor's hand and called it a deal. Now here's my little man with his new specs...

Now it's my turn to shop around for some new specs. His new glasses are inspiring me to get a thicker frame for me too. It looks very "Clark Kent". Don't you think?

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Rose said...

he looks so cute in his new specks :)

Janis said...

I think your son looks mighty handsome in those specs!!