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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Memorial Day Hike (Helen Hunt Falls)

Hi there friends. Let me just warn you that it seems like this Summer is going to be a crazy busy one for me. It is starting that way anyways. So if it seems that my posts are far in between, bear with me as I try to balance capturing and living in the moment. 

For Memorial day, we decided to go out and do some exploring. It's been a while sine we've gone somewhere new and in this day, we decided to go on a hike at Helen Hunt Falls. 

We've heard from people and with a quick Google search that this place is very family friendly and that the hike is manageable for any age. This made us want to try it even more. Here are some photos from that excursion.

There was a ranger that was kind enough to photograph the whole family with the falls as our backdrop. The weather was perfect for our hike. It was sunny but not too hot. 

We were surrounded by beautiful hills filled with trees and I couldn't resist stopping the family along the way so we can take photos. 

I didn't realize how short the hike was. After about only 25 minutes, we've reached the top of the trail. It was beautiful up there and here's a view of what we looked out into. 

We were a bit disappointed at how easy and fast the trail was. We're used to walking farther and longer. But thankfully there were other trails in the area and we took one of them. We didn't know how far the trail was but we walked for about one more hour until we decided to turn around and head back to the car. 

Here's a view of what we saw during this hike. Very similar to the ones at the top of Helen Hunt Falls but at a different angle. 

Just before we turned around, we got a family shot. This was taken with the camera on top of a big rock and the camera self timer. 

Once we got back to the car, we ate our packed lunch. Maddie seem to always get hurt during our exploring trips and this time was, sadly, no different. She scraped the side of her torso a few times with her walking stick. It was a homemade one and she had the pointy end up. Every time the stick brushed by her side, it scratched her. She did this a few times before we noticed that she was in pain. Poor thing had a few big scratches on her side. Thankfully we had a first aid kit in the car which helped alleviate some of the pain and cleaned her wounds. 

After lunch we around the area a bit. I've never been to the Broadmoor hotel  which was close to where Helen Hunt Falls was so Mitch drove us there. We circled the resort and I was a bit surprised at how small it was in real life compared to the pictures I saw on the hotel's webiste. Don't you love the beauty of how wide angle shot can make things appear larger than they really are?

We also stopped by the clinic were Mitch works. It was cool to see where he works and does his Medical assisting "magic". 

So that was Memorial Day adventures. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have fantastic day and week. 

Till next time,

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