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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Father's day 2013 recap

I know this is a bit late, but like the old saying goes... "it's better late than never!" 

Our Father's day festivities started the day before Sunday. Since our family tries to keep the Sabbath day holy, all of our eating out or shopping are done on Saturdays. To celebrate our "father", we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant called "Acero's" that Mitch heard great reviews of from his co-workers. I didn't bring my camera (I was too lazy to lug the big camera along) so I captured the memories through my Ipod's camera. 

Here's a collage of how our Father's day lunch looked like...

Calories were definitely thrown out the door during this meal. Mitch ordered a combination plate of Enchilada and burrito while I chose sopes with salad on top. We were debating if we should get the kids' children plates but Marcus seem to be having a more "adult" like appetite so we ended up getting him a three taco plate. Maddie got a kid's plate of quesadillas. Everyone got rice and beans with their orders and Marcus, surprisingly, really liked the rice. 

On Father's day I was inspired to make a Lemon coconut cake from scratch with cream cheese frosting.  You can really tell the difference between a cake from scratch from a boxed one. They are more fluffy and full of flavor. I took a picture of my finished cake compared to the one in the cookbook. Of course mine is amateur looking but it still tasted good. :)

We also got Mitch a box of See's candies (his favorite) and lots of hugs and kisses. That was how we celebrated Father's day at our home. How did yours turn out?

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