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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What Mother's day looked like this year

 Hi friends. Motherhood is definitely one of my favorite roles. And having a special day that I can excuse myself from chores and feel the love of my family is a favorite perk of my "job". Since Mother's day falls on a Sunday and we reserve the Sabbath for spiritual activities, we always celebrate the day before. This year's celebration was a trip to Ikea...it's my version of Disneyland. *wink*

I didn't want to lug my big camera so I chose to capture the day's events with my Ipod touch. Here's some photos of our fun day trip...

1. We took a family photo infront of one of the big mirrors they had in the hallway. 2. I love, love, love their meatballs with linden berry jam. 3-6. The family enjoying some great lunch at the Ikea cafe. 7-9 Some room ideas that I was really digging. 

Some people go to Ikea to purchase products to fill a whole room (or a whole house) and I would like to do that one day but for the most part, an Ikea trip just means a day full of gathering inspirations and ideas. I did however got to purchase this lamp for my scrapbook table as my Mother's day gift. Mitch put it on my table as soon as we got home and I'm super excited to use it. This lamp will help me with small projects and it swivels so I can move it around my table with ease. Super fun!

and in the morning of Mother's day, I got my annual breakfast made by the family. (photo taken with Ipod touch as well so it's not the best quality)

So that's how Mother's day 2013 looked like. How did yours look like?

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kate blue said...

Hi Grace-just an fhi to say thank you so much for the prize:) I got it today!! and I took no moms day pics since I had pajamas on all day!