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Friday, June 1, 2012

Cormeal Waffles with Spicy Chili

Hello friday and hello blog friends! Today I'm doing something new in this blog....my very first recipe share! But why? I thought this was a papercrafting blog? Yes I know that most of you are papercrafters who subscribe to this blog for that specific inspiration BUT I am trying something new this summer. Trying to see if I can "invite" more friends to come visit my blog.

This blog is not going to shift into a recipe blog. Definitely NOT! but I have always felt that this place reflects my desire and joy in sharing. I'm going to be doing this on Fridays with the goal of doing it for the whole summer. If it's a flop (nobody cares for my recipe shares) then I will go back to my regular blogging schedule when Fall season rolls in. But if there's an interest and I get more subscribers (to subscribe, add your name to the google subsciber tab on the right side bar of the blog) then we'll put on our thinking caps and evolve it to something better. :)

One more thing before I dive into the recipe... My idea for this recipe share posts would not be to give you an original recipe (I'm not a professional chef after all) but "share" with you recipes I've tried recently along with photos of the food (recipes with photos included always makes me try the recipe more than if it didn't have that visual aspect to it) plus my own remarks/ food critic for that specific dish. Ok so enough of the chatter...

Cornmeal Waffles With Spicy Chili
source here. To check out more of the foods I had pinned, check out my Pinterest board here.

So this dish is DELISH! I love the spicyness of the chili although for kids this might be a little to hot for their liking. My dad (who's a professional chef) have told me before that if it's too spicy, you can always lessen the chili or if it's too late, add stock to the pot and let it simmer some more to take some of the heat out of the dish. I also like the spin on cornbread making it into a waffle instead. I think it's a fresh new take on the whole chili + cornbread meal plus the cilantro topping gives the dish a fresh and southern taste.

When I made the recipe as directed, we had a TON of leftover so plan on having this dish for a few more meals after that.

If you have tried this recipe yourself or have any other comments, please don't hesitate to leave me some words in the comment section below.

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