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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Focus on the Family field trip *lots of photos*

On May 29th, right after Memorial day and as soon as the kids were "officially" on Summer vacation, we went to Focus on the Family visitor's center. We've been living in the Springs for almost two years now and I've felt a bit embarassed that we have not ventured here before. And the fact that it's a free activity makes it even more appealing. Mitch couldn't come with us but after the fun that the kids had, I'm sure we'll come back to this place again. Here are some of the pictures from our visit there...

The Welcome Center boasts of many displays, a bookstore and a basement level devoted a play area just for the kids.

We walked in a room that was specifically decorated with C.S Lewis' Narnia book. It had a big wardrobe in there that when you open leads to a small room depicting the scene/story of "The Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe" book. So fun!

They had some computer screens where the kids can touch the screen and color the images. They also had a replica of an airplane where the kids can go in and out of.

Love this humungous couch. No worries about space if we had such a big chair in our home. See how tiny the kids are compare to the couch? I even got Maddie to take a photo of me on the couch.

One of their big 'attraction' here was the three-story spiral slide. The kids both were big enough to get on it. I of course stood on the side lines and took pictures.

 I was surprised that the time that we went there wasn't that packed. The kids got the "little theater" all to themselves. The stage was so cute and the kids got to see themselves on the screem behind the audience chairs.

 They even had a little room you can watch Veggie tale videos.

 and the kids got to sign a larger than life birthday card. Very cute!

 and here's the kiddos with the Pike's Peak in the background...
so that was a summary of our first official "summer" outing.

Happy Wednesday.

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