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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Maddie got a new dress

Hi all!

So about three weeks ago while walking through the aisles of my local Walmart, I was stopped in my tracks by a huge rack of fabrics ON SALE. I'm not very good at sewing BUT I have noticed that fabrics and papers are one and the same. They have an array of designs, colors and textures that I just can't turn away from.

So my 1/2 hour Walmart trip turned into an hour cause I had to browse through the many fabric choices and get my choices cut. One of the prints I chose was a blue checkered design that I thougth would be a great foundation for a dress for Maddie to wear for Fourth of July.

So after a week of the fabric sitting on my craft table, I finally got to work on it and here's the result...

Like I said, I'm not a good seamstress compare to the other ladies in my family (Grandma, Mom and Sister) but I love the idea that with whatever sewing knowledge I have, I can 'MAKE' something for my little one that's unique and pretty.

I'm still afraid to tackle sleeves so I went with a sleeveless dress here and luckily Maddie had a white polo shirt that fit underneath the dress.

I found these felt flowers in my scrapbook stash and it just so happened that it matched the color of the dress so I whipped up a quick floral headband for her as well.

I didn't want to mess with zippers here so I went with a tie band in the back.

and finally to add an accent of red in this dress, I added a ribbon trim (again found in my scrapbook stash) which I handsewn on the dress.

She looked really pretty when she wore this for the first time to church.

and there you have it. My latest sewing adventure.

Till next time,


Cathy said...

So sweet....and by the look on her face, Grandma's got nothing on your sewing skills my friend :) Great job!!

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

OMGoodness Grace, I love her dress!! It is so cute, and fits her so well...looks store bought!!

I bet she loved wearing it, and was proud because you had made it for her :)