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Friday, December 23, 2011

They want to give gifts too!

So before school ended for winter break, they had a program called Penguin Patch where the kids can pick items that they'd like to "purchase" as gifts to family and friends. My kids didn't participate in t his program because at that time I didn't have the brain power to remember the dates of the patch! What a mom, right?

the kids were bummed but I made it up to them by bringing them to the dollar store last weekend. The agreement was that they'll have four dollars to spend on four gifts- one for mom, dad, sister/brother and one for themselves. I was hoping I can just let them loose in the store so I can be surprised with my gift but the time that we went to the store, it was jam packed so I saw everything that went into their baskets.
It was actually better because my kids didn't know what to get. You'd think they know each of the family member well enough but I guess I was wrong.

Above is a look at Maddie's gift choices. Chocolate for Daddy, a buy toy for Marcus, a pot of glittered fake flowers for me and a bubble maker for her.

Although these gifts were "cheap", I wanted to teach the kids to think outside of themselves and get something for someone else. After all isn't that what this season is all about? Giving! No matter how big or small the gift might me, it's the thought that counts. *wink*

So that's our most recent field trip....the dollar store! LOL.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Till next time,

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