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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

some happy photos

This week is my "get Christmas preparations done" week. That means shopping, baking and wrapping done.Crossing my fingers that I will get them all done in time and still have the brainpower to craft. Do you feel like this sometimes? I hope I'm not alone.

Anyways today I was going through some photos and found the following images that I took last week. They were making me happy...

Last Wednesday night after coming home from a church activity, I was greeted by these boxes in my front room. It was a happy scrappy mail. That big humungous box was filled with scrapbook supplies, four issues of magazines I have some work in and my returned projects. It's these things that make me feel super blessed that I get a chance to papercraft as a "job".

Maddie's CLEAN room was making me happy as well. For the past month or so, her room has been a total mess. I'm trying to teach my kids to pick up after themselves and be responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms but after months of seeing the disaster in her room, her and I got to work one day last week, after school to finally tidy it up. I especially love that I can finally see the floor in her room again. And what's better, it's still like this today. :)

and my last photo that's making me smile....pumpkin spice fudge. Recipe is here and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Yes my calorie counting is out the door when I bite in one of these. I'm in fudge making mode this week so I'd be enjoying more of this in the next few days. Yum-o!

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