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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gingerbread house 2011 version

Part of the Holiday season is building and repeating activities that become traditions. I'm big one this because I know that this is what my children will remember of their childhood. So part of our Christmas tradition is to make Gingerbread houses. There have been years where we deviated from the house and made gingerbread man or candy train but the concept is the same...we build something edible and sweet!

Here's this year's Gingerbread house...

One thing I've tried to remember this year is to be infront of the camera more often and last Sunday while making our house, I did just that. Mitch was kind enough and is a very good photographer in his own right to take the "process" photos for us.

this is my fave....

so after cleaning up our mess and washing all the frosting off my hands, I took some more shots of our creation this year....

as you can see with the strokes of the frosting, we (meaning I) are not the most professional decorators in the world but we were able to get the candies on the house in time before the frosting harden. Than in itself is a success for us. :)

so today is another Sunday and we are planning on adding memories to our Christmas by checking out some lights around the neighborhood. How about you? What memories and traditions are you capturing this Holiday season?

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