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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The inevitable is here....

Yes, after years of fighting it.....I am finally on facebook. For my closest friends they know that I had nothing against facebook (although, it seemed like I was an anti for a long time) but I just didn't have enough time to invest in something that can be addicting and time consuming as another social network.

I thought to myself that keeping up with the blog is a task enough but lately I've been missing my friends back in Norwalk/Cerritos so the inevitable happened tonight. .......I signed up!!!!

I don't know my way around the site yet and right now I'm only picking really close friends. But if you happen to be my friend or family and I have not added or requested you (whatever the term might be) please don't hesitate to call me out on it. I'm new to all of this.

So there you have it. Lesson learned tonight......... never say never because you'll end up eating your words!!!

Till next time,

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Kate said...

Welcome to Facebook!! I was in the same situation close to 2 yrs ago. But I was convinced by friends that it's very vital since I was leaving the country (in Aussie now). So, yeah... lol.. *hugs*