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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do you like your voice?

Well I don't! But still I jumped into a wonderful and totally out of my comfort zone opportunity that was presented to me about two weeks ago.
You see I got a surprising email from the producer of Paperclipping.com. It's a podcast for scrapbookers and they invited me to be a guest. At first I thought they wanted me to be an audience because why the heck would somebody want to hear me talk?! But then after they replied, it seemed like they did want me to TALK!
I was beyond nervous and excited about this fun opportunity. I've never done anything like this before. The only voice recordings I've done was for karaoke and that's strictly for home and family listening or torturing, depends on who's listening to it.
So anyways, yesterday was the big "recording" day and so at 11 am, I got online through Skype, placed the headset with microphone that Paperclipping sent to me and participated in an episode of the "Roundtable".

You can hear the episode here. I thought the topic was a very good one and I'm already thinking of my next "job" themed layout.

So there you have it. Wow I can't believe it's already Dec. 1st.!

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Kalyber said...

I listened to it this morning as I made my advent calendar (yeah I'm a bit late) and you did wonderfully offering up lot of good ideas and suggestions. I hope they invite you back it was fun to put a voice to the face.

noell said...

Grace, we thought you did an awesome job! We loved having you on -- confident, not afraid to speak up, and lots of fabulous ideas!

Thank you for coming on the show! :)