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Monday, May 31, 2010

She watches too much info-mercials

Maddie made me crack up very early today because of the conversation I had this morning with her after waking her up....

Mom: Wake up Maddie. We're going to the park this morning for the Church's breakfast activity.
(Maddie gets up and starts walking out of her room to our room so she can change)
(She places her hands on her back)
Maddie: My back hurts!
Mom: Well maybe it's because of the way you slept.

Yes, I about fell down and cracked up. There's definitely way tooo much infomercials in the Qubo channel.

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Allison said...

So laughing out loud right now. Sam does that too (although not too much right now since we've only got Netflix and no regular TV so no commercials!) He would talk about bendaroos and some up hairstyling thing he thought I should get! :) They are so funny!

just me and z said...

My daughter does the same thing!! She is 3 1/2 and told me the other day... "Mom, there are 3 things you need."
Me: What are they, Zoie?
Z: An instyler, wonder hangers, and a perfect brownie pan.
I knew then she was watching WAY too much qubo!
Now, every time she hears the word "five", she starts singing, "FIVE! Five dollar foot loooong! Hand to hand!" (she thinks when they hold up the hands they are saying hand to hand, not any any any...) lol
And her latest thing is walking around saying, "new car? new car dot com, again??" Sheesh.