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Thursday, May 20, 2010

my new obsession

I got this book a while back at the library and was very impressed at the read.....

I was impressed at what the author can do/make for her family for just $5. I love that before she shared the recipes, she talked a little bit about how she saves so much. The one thing that struck with me was that....she decided to do this exercise/challenge because she felt that since her husband was the only one working and she got to stay home with her kids, that it's her "job" to make sure that she spends her husbands hard-earned money the best way she can. I kinda related to that and so I'm now making that a priority as well.

Anyways, I love that her recipes are nutritious, easy to make and for the ones we've tried so far, they're pretty good.

But one thing I've noticed with her recipes is that....for her to have saved, she made a lot of things from scratch. She used dried beans instead of can, made her own sauces AND made her own bread.

that's something that I tried for the first time this weekend and sadly I was not successful. Oh my family still ate it despite that my rolls didn't rise and it felt like a brick once it's in our stomachs. I love that Marcus can pretty much eat anything so long as he adds honey to it. :)

Anyways, I vowed to try my hand on bread making again and even went on Youtube last night (something I rarely do) to watch videos on how to make bread.

So if you're reading this and have some kind of wonderful tip/recipe/trick or any bit of wisdom that you can share with me as far as making homemade bread, please feel free to share. As this woman can make cute things with paper, organize her life, even dabble in photography but for the life of her CANNOT make bread!!!

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hannie said...

tell me about cooking, I'm a handicapped on that. I eat in my mom's place every night except Saturday where I go to my MIL's place. ha!