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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

how was your weekend?

hopefully it was good. To all my Mother blog friends out there, Belated Happy Mother's day.

Well for me it was an event packed weekend.

We started Saturday with a garage sale.

as most of you know we are in the middle of a transition. A move is in our future and to start that process, we had a garage sale. It was better than I've expected but without some funny and memorable stories here and there. There are definitely certain things to be learned about garage sales. Mine would be.....1. paying that $30 for an ad in Penny Saver might be steeped but it was worth it. We definitely got some traffic because of that. 2. Price to sell but don't let people haggle you down to nothing. Thank goodness for a husband that was tough, I am known to be a pushover and a people pleaser so if not for him, we would've given away half of the things we had for sale. and 3. you never know what will sell or not. I thought my baby toys/play pens and such will sell fast but none of them moved. Instead we sold a lot of baby clothes and tools.

and then that night we went and watched this....

We went out with my parents and brother Gary. My thoughts on the movie......go and watch it but I have to warn you that (in my opinion) the first one was better. There were scenes that they showed in the trailer that didn't even came up in the movie. Plus the ending was a bit of a disappointment. Oh and if you are thinking of watching it, make sure you stay till after the credits are done because there is an extra scene at the very end.

Then the following morning, Mother's day, I was served this beautiful and yummy breakfast....

and showered with all these things....

I told Mitch that I wanted chocolates since I know our church won't be handing chocolates to the Moms. That is still quite of a disappointment for me since they always give the Dads chocolates for Father's Day. Anyways, I got a ton of handmade cards from Marcus and Maddie. Oh and the Colbie Callat CD is a gift I bought myself. I just love her songs.

and this wonderful Mother's day weekend wouldn't be possible without these beautiful people...


and Maddie

They definitely make my role as a Mother all worth it.

Till next time,

Thanks to all that joined Clear Scraps and me on a fun blog hop. Wasn't all the DT's projects fabulous? Anyways, we picked a winner for the blog hop but she didn't leave a trace for us to personally contact her. If you are Claire and your Clear Scraps message was....

I love the blog hop and all of the great ideas from you great team. It was so easy to comment on each of the blogs.... Thank you!

please contact Cathy at cathy@ClearScraps.com to claim you prize.

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