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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my new bestfriends

I am going through a mini vacation this week. With the kindness of my manager, she let me take the whole week off of work. Woohooo!!! Although things/routines around the house remains the same, I'm feeling very relaxed knowing that I don't have to be at work at a certain time.

Anyways, last night, after the kids had gone to bed I went straight to my scrapbook stash and started creating. After my first card, I realized that I have some must have's in my "tools" that are not necessarily considered a scrapbook item but I've relied so much on them that I don't think I can ever go back to the time that I wasn't using them.

So today I decided to share my two new best friends with all of you. *wink*

First off is this....

Don't you just hate it when ribbon/trims starting fraying on you? Well fret no more, this baby really makes the big difference. A little dab of it on the ends of the cut ribbon/trim makes for a finished look.

and then this....

through my years of papercrafting, I've found that we can never get enough glue/adhesive. I have about 5 different kinds in my stash at one point. But this one is my new fave. I love that the tacky glue is strong and all purpose. I've used it for adhering bulky, heavy items like metal and layered flowers; Since it's white, I've also used it to apply glitter (I just make sure that the surface that I'm applying it to is white as well so it doesn't clash with any other colors) and with this, I don't have to wait not like with a glue gun.

How about you, what's your non scrapbook item must have? I'm curious to see what other papercrafters use.

Till next time,

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Sandy said...

I love using my stapler, esp for ribbon borders.