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Monday, May 24, 2010

5.5 hours

of my Sunday night was spent glued to the TV watching my favorite show "Lost" wrap up their amazing 6 season run.

And after all that, what do I think?

I'm still LOST!!!

Yes granted the ending was a "happy" ending, it still didn't provide enough closure for me. The creators of Lost had built up this big web of stories in the past 6 seasons that for them to say that those people in Oceanic flight 817 was dead from the very beginning and they went to a "pergotary" state which is the island and then now finally going to "heaven" is just not enough for me. I mean c'mon, if that's the case what was the purpose of the "dharma initiative", the "others", Jacob and the black smoke, etc., etc, etc???

And then I stayed up till 1am bec. Jimmy Kimmel's special show was going to show three alternate endings, only to find out that they were spoofs of the show. What a big waste of my sleeping time!!!

Ok I'm going to step off my soap box now. thanks for letting me let out a little steam here and now I'm off to sleep early and get back some of those "precious" hours I spent on "LOST" last night.

Till next time,

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Adriana said...

Hi! I love your crafts and I love Lost also. I think you didn't understand the finale!! they were NOT dead all the time. They live in the island for a while, Jack died there after bringing the light back. All the characters died at some point, some before Jack, others after him (we don't see it). I recommend you to read lostpedia.com so you can undestand better, I know it is very confusing, and interesting at the same time. Regards! Adriana