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Sunday, September 13, 2009

family + water = fun times!!!

Now that our kitchen is done we have our "dad" back with us and one of the things that we've been enjoying as a family lately is driving over to my inlaws house and swim in their pool. I enjoy this activity for a few reasons...
1. of course anytime with my little family is a time well spent.
2. It's an activity that doesn't cost us anything
3. doing a few laps can be counted as my exercise for the day
4. the kids are getting better and better with their swimming. When the summer started, Maddie refused to be in the water and when she did go in, she was content being on the sides or the steps but now she has shown bravery by jumping in and swimming all the way in the middle of the water.

Yesterday (Saturday) I didn't have to be at work till night time so after lunch we swung by their and took a quick dip. Here's some photos of our family time...

Here's two fishes representing my little swimmers. When they're in the water they're just fishes swimming away, having fun!

gotta have some protection against the sun.

we brought our boogie board and Marcus just had a blast with it.

Maddie and her "refusing to smile" phase.

We brought our own snacks so we won't be tempted to go to a fast food joint. What's on the menu? Pop tarts, veggie chips, juice boxes and water.

Here's the "fishes" resting and getting some tan.

and here's the whole family. I'm telling you, my little remote for my camera was one of my best investments.

when everyone was getting changed look who I saw getting her little hands on some veggie chips! Another thing that makes me laugh about this picture is how big that veggie chips bag was. It's the same length as Maddie's legs and thigh combined! LOL

and finally on a different note. Got #9 and #11 accomplished in my list.

I reused our own microwave stand and used it to house all my albums and got a basket on sale at Target which fit perfectly on that middle spot. This system doesn't show any room for growth so this might change in a few years.

Till next time,

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