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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Car problem + September Craizy daisy mini

Doesn't it seem like when you have plans that's when things go wrong and then your planned days just turn into one big jumble of blur? Well I started one of "those" days yesterday when my expedition decided to stop on me. I was picking up Marcus from school and when we got in the car to go home, I turned on the engine, the car shook a little (which I thought was fairly odd) then didn't start. At first I thought it was just that the battery needed to be jump started as this has happened to me before but after finding a good Samaritan to help me out, it still didn't turn on.
This is a problem, not just because we're loosing one car and the expenses to fix it is not a welcome idea but also because we were planning a camping trip this weekend. We took it to the auto shop and the guy said he won't have any answers for us till Thursday. Wow that's cutting it really close cause we were planning on leaving first thing Friday morning. I asked Mitch what would be our plan B and he said we'll figure something out tonight! Talk about a big shift in my scheduled week!
Inspite of this, I am counting my blessings....Thank goodness for being a triple A member. With one call I got my car towed and brought to the auto shop; My dady's around that he can give Mitch a ride from the auto shop to the house. Since our other car (Ford Ranchero) only sits three people, I can't give him a ride back with two kids in tow, so my dad came to the rescue; and thank goodness for two cars and a motorcycle. Despite one car at the auto shop, I can still manage to go to work or take the kids' to school wihtout having to ask rides from anybody plus Mitch has his bike so he can still go to work without major shifts with our schedules. We are truly blessed!

Anyways......enough of that!
I made a mini with my Craizy daisy kit and I've been meaning to add pictures to this but Mom and Dad are not available for some picture taking. So just enjoy the book minus the pictures. You can even imagine there's pictures in there if that helps visualize the book. LOL.

Their Story minibook

My purpose for this book was to get some of my parents stories documented. I divided the book (which the tabs helped me greatly) into four sections- Dad's Childhood, Mom's childhood, Their love story and reflections. I got the questions from an idea book filled with journaling prompts. I printed them off on white cardstock and had my parents handwrite their answers. I used the envelopes and pockets to house these cards.

I tried to use all of my kit products for this page. Even the ones that I was going to just throw away like papers that I've punched circles from or itty bitty strips.
I also used my chipboard paislees in a different way by using them as masks. I loved the look of them.
Some paislees where used to make a heart. I thought that was another cute way of using them.
Now that this book is all done, all I need are my parents pictures so my family can better appreciate the project.

If you haven't checked out the September kit, be sure to click here.

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Stephanie said...

ahhh.. 'their story' is really beautiful... so special :) love how it turned out!
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