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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a new day.....

the house is smelling clean and fresh, there's a big pile of clean laundry on the bed waiting to be folded and only two days before school starts. Today is definitely a day to celebrate. LOL.

Sorry for being so quiet around here. I have had a crazy month/summer. Lots of fun things all around but that also meant that I physically didn't have the energy to sit here and recap. I even felt sad that half of the time, I wasn't carrying my camera to capture the moments. Shame on me! But today is a new day.

I'm aware of the things that I've slacked on during the past few months but hopefully with routines going back to normal, a kitchen that's finally finished, a long list of must do things and a new sense of optimism I will be ready to welcome fall.

Speaking of the kitchen, I finally took an overview picture of it. Here's the result of Mitch's labors and hardwork......

I stood on a corner of the room and took frame shots of the kitchen then put it all together in Picasa.

and here's a shot of it coming from the front room side. Don't you just love that yellow wall?

and because my kitchen has been very inspiring for me lately, I have been baking like crazy. The last two weeks was the hottest days here in SoCal but I didn't care, I still turned on my oven and made cookies, casseroles, brownies and even tried making bread!

One night, I was watching Julia Child's baking show in PBS and they were making quick breads. I was amazed at how fast and uncomplicated they made Irish soda bread so I tried it myself. Here's the result...

because it is a quick bread, it's very dense but I liked it. After my attempt, I realized that I need to work on my kneading. It didn't come out that pretty like Julia Child did it!

But it tasted good fresh from the oven with some butter and honey. MMM!

Because I was so excited with my new found "baking" skills, I googled quick breads the other day and found out that Pillsbury has some great recipes to make with their products. I always have crescent and biscuit rolls in hand so this site was a great resource for me. This week I'll try the doughnut recipe.

and finally some latest pics of the kids. I'm trying to get my camera out more again. I just felt that I've neglected capturing the moments lately.

I gave Marcus a buzz haircut the other day. One of the things that we had to do to get him all ready for school. I'm always in awe when I look at how fast he's growing up. He's so tall too, he's almost up to my chin. Before you know it, I'd be the one looking up to him instead of the other way around!

and my little diva! I chose this picture out of the many shots I took of her the other day because it showcases the Maddie that she is right now. A little diva; princess loving; wearing the same outfit all week long; hair always on her face kinda gal!

so that's it for right now. Have a great week!

Till next time,

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