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Friday, September 25, 2009

Ms. Speedy Gonzales

have you ever finished 9 errands in one morning? well I have. I was little ms speedy Gonzales this morning, and I even amazed myself. These are the things I was able to check off...

1. drop off son to school
2. pick up car seat at my parents house
3. get tb test proof of immunization from Kaiser
4. pick up prescription
5. get last minute food for our camping trip tonight
6. go to JCPenney and use $10 off coupon and scored some awesome deals (got two tops and a dress and paid only $4.40 for all of them!)
7. go to my work and pick up check plus check schedule for next week
8. fill up car with gas
9. drove to hubby's work so we can switch cars. I took the ranchero home while he kept the expedition so he can load the canoe on the car.

I left my house at 8 am and got back from all of this running around at 11:30am. Not too bad, don't you think?!
Now if I can only do laundry this fast, I'd be a happy lady! LOL

So like I mentioned earlier, we are on for our camping trip today. We are taking the kids to Silverwood lake and do some canoeing tomorrow. I'm excited and of course a little nervous as this is my first time being in a canoe. I'm just praying that all our life vest/floating devices work and that Mitch will be able to rescue all of us incase we drown!
Our expedition got fixed yesterday and it's running good but it came with a hefty price! After Mitch came home from the Auto shop he said that there will be no Christmas in our house this year cause all our money went to the car! That's kinda sad but I know that with or without gifts we will still have a great holiday season. (wow those self help books are really helping cause I wasn't this optimistic before! LOL)
Anyways if you don't hear from me this weekend, you know where I am.

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Till next time,

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