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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Picture holder plus a how to...

If you have a child in public school in California, then you might have gotten a letter from the school that's asking you to put together a small earthquake kit for your child. I got such a letter in the "parent" packet on the first day of school.
The school asked that we put a non perishable juice box and some granola bars or crackers in a ziploc bag along with the name of the child, his/her classroom number and teacher's name.
One note that I found interesting there was that they added that if we want to add a picture of the family as well so incase, and I mean just incase, there is an earthquake, the picture will hopefully bring some comfort and peace to the child.

Now this little note struck an idea for me. A picture of my family is a no brainer but what if I used some of my scrapbook supplies and make up a "holder" for this special photo. Hence this....

this is a very easy project and decided to share how I made it. Just incase you wanna follow my lead and provide something creative to hold those special photos. This is not only for an earthquake kit of course. LOL. You can use this to carry a special photo in your purse/bag, give it as a gift to grandparents (oh how they love these kinds of gifts) and also now that holiday season is fast approaching, you can turn this little project into a gift card holder. Ahh the possibilitites of a few papers and adhesive.

So how to make it....

first gather your supplies.

You'll need two coordinating papers, some chipboard squares, adhesive of your choice and your pictures. Now you can even go through your scrap stash for this. Just pick one that's big enough to cover your chipboards, maybe no smaller than an 8x8 size.

second, cut your chipboard base to size.

The picture is 3x4 and so I gave about 1/2 inch allowance around it and the chipboard comes out to 4x5 when cut.

third- cover the chipboard.

lay the chipboard onto the back side of your pattern paper. Leave about 1/8" of room in between the board. This will ensure a nice fold in the middle.

fourth- adhere and cut the corners.

fifth- fold and adhere the edges.

using a bone folder or popsicle stick for this process makes for a cleaner and crisp edges.

test the fold.

if it's all good then move to step 6.

6th- cover the inside of the holder. Measure the inside, making sure you'll cover all the parts of the chipboard.

use a bone folder to emphasize the fold in the middle.

7th- place your picture inside. I used some photo corners to it before adhering it inside.

8th- grab some journaling blocks or maybe use your die cut machine to create a spot to write your sentiments or title block.

9th- handwrite for a more personal effect.

and viola! a finished project done in merely 10 minutes.

So I gathered the food and placed them in a ziploc bag like instructed.

and then slip another smaller ziploc bag (incase the juice bursts, I don't want my cute holder and picture to get all wet) for my picture holder.

Now I know I won't get this back at the end of the year but it's alright. There's nothing here that I would miss, I just hope that my son would never have to use it!

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