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Saturday, February 7, 2009

A taste of the missionary life.....

Our primary "missionary" activity finally came. It was previously set for fall of last year but with schedule problems we had to postpone it. I'm so glad it's over now. Don't get me wrong, I love this part of my calling/job. I think this is the best part. Imagine planning and executing three themed activities/parties every year. I admit I can get a little too stressed about these things but that's just because I'm too concerned about the details.

Anyways our children had a fun morning. Here's a little recap. By the way the pictures were taken by my sweet husband who was a BIG help for me today. I could not have done this without him. He sweetly helped me bright and early this morning cooking up the treats for the kids, helped me get my kids ready for the activity, chauferred all of us to the church and back plus he was my photographer. What a great "assistant"! (just kidding on that last part)

Back to the activity...

Here's the whole premise of it.... the kids would get to have a little taste of what missionaries do by going to a little "mtc" (missionary training center) where they get to learn what full time missionaries do on a regular basis then they're off on an "airplane ride" to go to a foreign land to "serve" their missions.

Here's our dear kids on their "plane" rides.

I had to crop the pics cause there were two other kids in the original photo.

Then they get to go to two countries. One was Holland where one of our teacher's mother came from and then they go to the Philippines where I was born and raised.

Here's some of the pics of my room...
Here's me talking up all the different displays that we have. Out of all this things, I would say only 1/4 of it was mine. Most of it was from my parents. Thank goodness I have them, I don't think I could've pulled this off correctly without my mom. She had the ideas, informations and right history to back up everything that I was saying. Thanks Mom!

See my top. We call that a barong tagalog. It's made out of Pineapple if you can believe that! They take the outside part of the fruit and turn it into sometype of thread to make this see through type of fabric. I'm not sure exactly how they do it but I'm sure it's fascninating. Oh and no it's not edible. hehehehehehe. One of the kids asked me that and I thought it was a funny yet great question.

I made this little house for an activity that I did with the kids. My kids helped me paint it and you can totally which parts they painted and which parts where mine. It's all good though!

Here's my dear Mom helping out with the refreshments. I served an "authentic" filipino snack of Turon (banana fritters) and gulaman (sugared drink with jello)

I had to get up at 7 this morning so I can cook about two big platters of this. Wow that's more work than I care for. That's why I don't do a lot of filipino cooking for my family, it just takes too long. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE eating them, it just takes too long to make em.

So after the "trips" to the different countries, we went back to the "mtc", took a class photo and made some cards for missionaries from our ward (church building) that are serving in the field right now.

So that's it. Everybody seemed to have had a good experience and hopefully all the kids are going to wanna go on a mission someday.

Till next time,

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