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Monday, February 16, 2009

get a LOAD of this....

SoCalScrap.us has decided to clear out about 90% of the store.
There are huge discounts! HUGE!
You don't even have to worry about the shipping because all the money you save will cover it and more!
Check out all of the sales categories.
EVERYTHING .25 cents !!!!
EVERYTHING .50 cents!!!
$1 bin - Everything is $1!
****20% Off Sale
****30% Clearance Sale
****40% Clearance Sale!
****50% Clearance Sale!
****60% Clearance Sale!

Even if something is not on sale, you will always save at least 10% off the MSRP.
You can't go wrong at SoCalScrap.us!
Come and get your scrap supplies now before someone beats you to it.

oh and if you spread the word about this, you might just get this...

learn more info here.

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