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Saturday, February 14, 2009

My scrap space REVEALED!!!

So like I said in my previous post, I got a shelf from my mom (it was actually my brother's girlfriend's old shelf that they gave to my mom) and got me into a "reorganizing" mode. I've been in that mind frame for a while but I was waiting on redoing it since I knew I was going to need more storage solutions.

Anyways since I got what I needed......Here's what I did......

As you can see, I just moved everything around. I decided to use all the wall space I have onto the right side. The white shelf in the middle is the one I got from my mom and it was the perfect height for that spot cause that way I didn't have to move that sword set that my husband built from scratch. I know it doesn't really fit into the "scrap" space but I thought it was a cool addition since it has the Tolman family crest on it.

And here's some of my favorites about my space right now.....

The computer table didn't move. I love that I picked the spot so close to the computer since a lot of my work time is spent here too.

We got this Hello Kitty table as a hand me down from a family in our ward (church). This is where my kids can "scrapbook" while I work. Marcus also does his homework here. Believe me, the big hello kitty doesn't bother him a bit! LOL The magazine holder/storage stores some of his workbooks and flash cards. I used an American crafts embellishment container to hold their crayons.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to rearrange the space was bec. I felt like I wasn't using my peg board to its fullest since part of it was covered by the shelf. So now that everything was moved, I was able to hang more stuff onto the pegboard. Here I have my finished projects put up before I file them away. I used sheet protectors and shower rings to hold them up. And then I used more hooks to hold minibooks and altered projects. Oh and kids' artwork too.

I used a photo board, hung vertically to display my cards. Hunged it up with ribbon onto the pegboard.

Sitting just below the card display is my card storage. I got this about a couple of years ago at Marshalls. It's a small file folder. I liked it a lot cause it's very feminine looking and I believe it only cost me $2. I made tabs so I can file my cards according to the season/sentiment.

Here's what's underneath the pegboard. A foldable work table/storage that I got about three years ago. Imagine, this table was my work table before also the only storage unit I had. This just makes me gasp at how much I've accumulated in the last three years. Next to it is some more drawers. By the card storage are my paperworks like idea notebook, journals, clipboard where I save all my submissions paperwork and other stuff. The first drawer hold all my business stuff and things I've put in my etsy store. That way it doesn't get lost with all the rest of my personal projects. Underneath that is memorabilia like cards, ticket stubs and other stuff that I might want to include in my pages in the future. Then in the last drawer I have fabrics. Those are not all of my fabrics though. Most of the bulky ones are stored somewhere else.

I got this metal basket from Costco. This was a Christmas gift from last year. I store bulky items here like punches, wood stamps and ribbons spools. There's more ribbons stored in recycled clear containers on the bottom.

I've had this shelf forever too! So here, my faves are: my scraps file; I have a basket that's filled with minibooks or items that I thought would be a good base for mini albums; a little basket (the purple one) that stores all my journaling embellishments/pads; I have another basket that I put adhesive on and that striped box is where I store my pens. Down on the bottom left shelf is where I have empty boxes and containers that I wanna alter. I don't want to say I'm keeping junk but to some people, I might be!

on the bottom right I have my sewing machine and containers filled with threads and sewing notions/supplies. I made sure that my machine was easily accessible since I've just realized how I like sewing on my pages now.

and here's the white shelf. I used this to house my cuttlebug machine and dies, bind it all machine and wires, stamps, new stuff, small embellishments (stores in the black container all the way in the bottom and other miscellaneous. That mailing box turned into vertical storage housed all the catalogs I got at CHA. I have a few ideas with them in mind so I'm keeping them for right now.

I used the top of the shelf to display my fave pics right now. I don't think they're the pretties pictures of the family but they're my fave right now. I also have my year's mantra on their and the Tolman crest on the background.

I made a place where I can easily drop off new stuff that I get. This will hopefully make me use some of them up before I file/put them away. It's also nice that it's situated just behind my work space so when I'm making a page/project, I can just turn around and find a piece of item that I can play with.

down on the bottom floor, I have my container of ink pads and on top of it is a basket wit minibooks and small projects.

One of my faves in this space is my skylight. This space used to be so dim. What a difference a little light can make in a room and it's sitting right on top of my table which makes me extra happy. My dear hubby put it up for me when he did our roof. He's definitely a keeper! *wink*

Now we go on on the third shelf. This is another hand me down storage solution. I gotta love family and friends that thinks of me when they're throwing unwanted items :) On the top I have another file folder where I file all my alphabets. I have them filed by colors so it's easy for me to pull out the ones I needed. Beside is my folder of tiny scraps. This is seperate from my other file folder cause this is where I start when I make a card. Bec. the papers are itty bitty, I needed a smaller storage solution for them. I didn't want the small papers to get lost in the big folders.

Then I have my growing number of recycled food jars that store all my embellishments from buttons to flowers to chipboards to ribbon scraps to bling

I have a big clear container to hold my paints, a smaller one for stickles and my one and only glimmer mist (I'm sure that collection will grow soon) and behind it are my foam brushes.

And here's how I store my papers. As you can see, I used priority mail boxes as my containers. I made three of them kinda pretty then got non creative with the rest. Maybe in the future, I'll work on the others. Right now they're divided into cardstock, then pattern paper sheets (single ones that are subdivided into theme categories, then kit or set packs. The last two containers have my stickers and rubons stores. Down on the bottom shelf are my magazines, templates and a little collection of books and magazines that I've been published in. *wink*

And finally my work table! This is where all the "magic" happens. Hehehehehe. This is an oval dining table that I just happened to call my own. Nobody took it away from me so I'm owning it! I love the large space of it, so when I'm working I can put stuff aside without having things on top of each other too much. On one side is a little container for trash and then on the other is a box where I'm going to put things that needs to be put away in a later time.

So there you have it! My space, my creative spot, my scrapbook corner! Whatever you wanna call it, it's the place that makes me happy. :)

Oh and incase you're wondering where all my finished pages go....

It's stores in this shelf located in the front room of the house. I wanted it to be easily accesible to family and friends when they come. This is an old photo that I took about a year ago. That spot where the flowers are, it now has a big basket that holds all my minibooks in and that row of 12x12 scrapbooks have been extended to the top shelf (the one right above it). I'm telling you I'm just growing, growing, growing. Almost to the seams!!!

Till next time,

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Crystal Dever said...

Hi, my name is Crystal. Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your ideas. I found your blog from the Creating Keepsakes website. Love the post-it note holder idea, and I loved seeing your scrap space. I'm also a member of the church, so that's been fun to browse about too. Thanks again!