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Sunday, January 11, 2009

An inside look....

I was looking at my scrap space today and thinking that it needs a new makeover. I got cool storage stuff from the mall garbage and I'm itching to add them into my space. Yes there are actually good stuff there if you're lucky!

But before I do that I wanna look back at this page (which btw can be seen in the Memory Makers special issue on Organization) and talk a little about how I store my crap.... I mean my stuff!!! LOL

Here's what the journaling says......

The biggest hurdle for me while creating a space that I can be inspired in is organizing everything. Two biggest concerns was (1) the cost of organizational supplies/containers if bought and (2) my need to have everything be visible. After months of collecting things to be recycled and much thought of how I create, the mission that I thought was impossible is finally done. Woohoo!!!

Mission #1- Display recently finished projects

Made an easy and quick line with ribbon and clothesline pins.

Mission #2- Displaying my Creative vision

Framed my mantra and proudly displaying it on my shelf.

Mission #3- Keep all “go-to” items in one place

Used a buffet utensil container to house most frequently used adhesives, pens and small tools.

Mission #4- Ribbons in spools

Grabbed an old tortilla warmer to house big and bulky ribbon spools.

Mission #5- Embellishment storage

Recycled food glass jars. I altered and labeled them, now everything is in plain sight.

Mission #6- Vertical storage for papers

Recycled USPS Priority boxes to house my 12x12 papers. Going vertical takes up less space.

Mission #7- Need enough room to work

Claimed a small dining table that we’re not using as my work space.

Mission #8- Tunes to inspire

Placed a boombox on my smaller table so I can play my favorite tunes while creating.

Mission #9- Staying on top of things

Made a calendar to jot down all the important dates I don’t want to forget.

Now I have a space that will inspire my creative pursuits. June 2008

I wanted to share this cause maybe there's something here that'll inspire you. My big organizational vision is to reuse and recycle. Although it doesn't look pretty, I like the hodge podge of all sorts of glasses/jars and containers to use in storing my scrapbook stuff. I like that it's free and that I'm actually helping in keeping my world green. *smile*

Oh and I have an old post about my space too. Check it out here.

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Queen of Paper said...

This is such a GREAT LO!!!! I just love it! Great job Grace! PS Great goal. I love the "Keeping on top of things!"

Bumble Bee said...

Oh, Grace, I have that magazine. It is in my magazine rack right behind the current issue of Simple Scrapbooks (so sad to hear there will only be two more issues of that wonderful mag). Anyway, I was just reading that issue of SS and what did I find in one of the last pages? Why a layout by you! LOL How fun to see a name I recognize! It is a great layout too.

Now, I'm ready to start reading the Organization mag...well, I skimmed it when I first brought it home, but now I'm ready to really read it and try to apply some of that wisdom!

Hope you are doing well! :)