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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Abalone cove

On Saturday I was scheduled to work the closing shift. It's unusual but I was happy cause that meant that I had the daytime to scrapbook.
I did scrapbook but not as long as I have hoped for. It's all good though cause Mitch decided we should take a trip to the Abalone Cove Shoreline Park and see the fun sea creatures you can touch and feel by the tide pools.
The kids and him have been there before ( on one of those days that I was working all day) and thought that I might like to see the beauty of it for myself.
It was great! The weather was nice, the hike to the shore wasn't bad (and a little exercise didn't hurt me) and the fun I spent with my family was priceless. I can honestly say that I didn't mind trading my scrapbook time for this. Here's some pictures from our trip.....

When we got to the park, the sun was at it's highest so this is the best that I can do....

Here's Marcus proudly showing off a hermit crab. I cannot believe how much he's grown.

Here's dad and Maddie exploring what's underneath the water.

Dad finding a starfish.

and me and Maddie. One of my goals this year was that I wanna make sure that I have a picture in every activity that we do. I was going through my pictures from last year and felt kinda sad that I wasn't in on any of the actions. I took lots of photos but not a lot of me in it. So I'm changing that this year!

I was trying to catch a picture of the waves here.

We also saw some dolphins swimming by and sadly a dead seal on the seashore. Maddie freaked out about it and said that she didn't want to walk pass that again cause she was afraid the DEAD seal will eat her! Funny girl!

And since today was a historical day for the nation, here's my picture of it all. I wasn't one of those lucky people to see it in action but I did watch and listened to it. I was in the middle of my workout when Obama was sworned it. Great speech but not the perfect one to listen to while running, I might say. *smile*

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