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Sunday, January 4, 2009

finally some projects to share.....

I have to say this past week has been very productive for me. Not only did I get to go on some "trips" with the family and relaxed a little bit ( I needed it from the crazy time leading up to Christmas) but also did a lot of Papercrafting. However, I wanted to get my Christmas decorations down before the week's end but got too side tracked into making cute paper stuff that they're all still up and hanging. Hopefully this coming week, I'll be more balanced. LOL.

So here's some stuff that I did....

I like to give the teachers in Primary a little bookmark that has important dates for the coming year. This way they can be present in all of our primary activities and are aware of conferences and such. This year I made these......

I have to say I've been loving my scraps lately. The fact that there's no reason why NOT to use 'em is giving me such a creative boost. I say this cause when I make a page/project for possible publication I always have to take into consideration the products I use, so to get the chance to rummage through old (and I mean really old) papers and just use em just because, is truly making me happy. (smiling from ear to ear).

I still love making those flower clips. I also made a button one cause we have a guy teacher and I'm sure he won't be too thrilled to get a flower one. LOL. Did you know you can purchase some of these fine clips at my etsy store? Check them out here.

In the beginning of last year I was inspired by an article I read about Mantra's or visions. I liked the idea of having a "personal statement" that you'd live by. I made this last year and this year I made this.......

I used the same frame. It's simple and yet I LOVE IT!!! I'm really going to try to be a little more optimistic this year. Looking at the bright side of things gives me hope, faith and strengthens my belief that good things come to good people. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel, right?

I also used this frame as a sample for my word/prompt challenge at SocalScrap board. Check it out cause there's a prize involved. *wink*

Another challenge I'm hosting is- "Use it Up" Challenge. It's my own version of scraps challenge wherein I give you a specific product that you're supposed to "use up" on a page. This way we get to finish up more of diff. sorts of products, not only paper. Check the details here. It has a prize involved too. Don't you just love prizes?!

This month's product was numbers and here's what I did....

I love making goals for myself, even in the amount of scrapbook pages I'm able to make in a year. In 08 I wanted to do 200 but was only able to do 147. And being that I'm trying to be optimistic this year, I'm not going to think that it's a bad thing that I didn't get to hit my goal. 147 is better that nothing. See, the whole optimism thing is already working! LOL!

This year I'm going to keep my goal to 200 and hopefully get it checked off at the end of the year.

And finally a card, based off of this sketch challenge in the SCS board. I absolutely love sketches and challenges. They're probably two of my most essential scrapbook things, besides cardstock and adhesive.

So there you have it, some inspired creations that will "hopefully" inspire you too.

Till next time,

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