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Monday, June 23, 2008

what can I do with this illustration board?

that was my question to myself when, after making that minibook inspired by Erin Lincoln, I was still left with an almost 3ft. square of illustration board. Well after much thought and a paper that I've been dying to work with, this is what I came up with.....

Homemade purse

this is what it looked like after I cut it out from the board and taping it with duct tape.

I know this is not the greatest thing you've ever seen but I'm pretty proud of myself with this project. I executed this ALL BY MYSELF from start to finish. No idea or even template copying. Yeah pretty proud of that. :)

Here's some more pics of the purse

this paper from Glitz (delirious floral) was the thing that got the wheels in my head turning. It's so fancy. Plus the flowers were just so beautiful so I wanted to focus on them.

I cut each flower out, placed them on the purse in different placed then added stickles (glitter glue) on them for added bling.

On the top edges, I added a scallop border from the solid cardstock side of the pattern paper. yeah, can you believe it, I only used one piece of 12x12 paper here. Cool huh!

Some of the flowers, I wanted the glitter to go on all parts of it, so I used a popsicle stick to spread the stickles around the flower piece.

Now that I've finished it, guess who's eyeing it? Yep, Maddie is already thinking of things she'll put in her new fancy purse. :)

Thank you for looking.


Leisha said...

Wow girl! I can't wait to see what you are doing tomorrow! Great job with the purse, your so creative! You have me on the edge of my seat....

Becky Williamson said...

Hay Grace! Great job!!! The store, the web site, the blog page, all look great!
I'm not usualy a bloger so I don't know if I;m doing this right but I have the answers to your first game. (I'm a little slow, and I got kicked off line so I may be posting this too late.)
Question 1 - 2 cards
Question 2 - The first three items all had 4 views.
Question 3 - 6 cards
Question 4 - 3 accordian albums
Question 5 - "Your official invitation" pack
Question 6 - $2.00
Question 7 - $3.00
Question 8 - Free

Hay, no matter what, Good Luck!!!!
Love Ya! Becky Williamson