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Monday, June 9, 2008

picture overload.....

Happy Monday everyone! I sound very optimistic cause I wanna feel positive as I start another week. Hopefully this will be a good one for me :)

Had a pack weekend. Lots of running around and activities but its all good. Even got to hangout with my relatives yesterday (Sunday).

So here's a few things that kept us busy over the weekend.....

Was trying to take a self portrait for a page I'm going to do and Marcus felt so bad for me while I struggle to strike a pose and get the camera angled right so he grabbed the camera and just went to town with it. Thank goodness my nikon dslr is not too heavy for him. In the midst of all the fun chaos we were going through he managed to get a shot of me and Maddie. This one, although not perfect, is my fave.

We have a grape vine growing in our garden and in the past years was not able to reap any harvest cause the vines were not growing onto anything that will help get sunshine on the grapes itself. So this year I asked Mitch to make us a shaded trellis/canopy so that the vines can grow and hopefully our grapes will mature so it can be eaten.

Here's the trellis in the making. See all that grapevine just growing on the ground. We're moving THAT on top of the trellis. Wouldn't that look great? I can't wait.

We are definitely lucky to have a great backyard where we can have this fit. This is what the slats on top look like.

And here's my man hard at work. Gotta love my handyman. Oh and big shout out to our friend Thad and Allison M for letting us use their table saw so Mitch can cut all these wood. Thanks guys. :)

Oh and got this shot of Maddie with the sun rays in the back. I felt so happy when I got this cause I've always tried to get that sun glare effect but could never figure out how to do it. Woohoo!

And then on Saturday, Mitch and the rest of the scouts participated in the area's Scout-o-rama. This was a first for Mitch and we snucked in in the afternoon to see how they were doing. Here's their booth, proudly showing off their Canoes that they've been hard at work building since late last year. They are going to use their canoes to go on their Colorado river trip this summer.

Here's Mitch with his canoe. He built that from scratch.

And here he is proudly talking about the details to the other scout leaders looking on. There were positive responds to their project. All the boy scouts that checked out their booth thought building canoes sounded pretty fun. But I'm sure their leaders were thinking it was a lot of work and time put into it. And they are BOTH right. hehehehe

I walked around a bit with the kids to see what the rest of the scouts who participated had in their booths and we were so surprised at all the fun stuff they had in store. In one booth Marcus was taught baseball. Here he is learning the proper way to bat.

and then he was able to use what he learned in their little and cute batting cage

and then he tried to pitch. He was better at pitching, being able to get 5 out of 10 balls in the hole versus no ball hit at the batting cage. He had loads of fun though, made me think that maybe he's ready to be put in a sports class/team soon.

Both Marcus and Maddie tried lots of obstacle courses. Here's one where Maddie impressed me at how fast she was able to cross this fence part

Then there was the long thick rope that they had to cross. It looked like a lot of fun and thank goodness for great scout helpers guiding the kids.

and then they did a heart pulse activity where their heart rates were counted before and after they jumped on the trampoline. The best part for the kids were the trampoline of course.

And then on Sunday we watched my mom, dad and brothers give a talk at their ward about prayers. Gary stuck with his script (good call), George kept on winging it making me feel so confused as to where he was going with his talk, Mom gave a physics analogy to prayer (like she always do) and Dad bore his testimony of prayers which made me cry by the way. Hey Gem and Ate Glady, remember the bottle story? The one where he sold the bottles so we can have transportation money to go to church? Yeah he made me cry with that one. Oh and our cousin Jeleen gave this really impressive song number. What a talent!

And then in the afternoon, The family with Tita Eileen, Jeleen, Tita Eva and Tito Nando came over my house for some spaghetti and fun chat. We all looked at my scrapbooks (of course), took some photos (which I will share as soon as I upload them on my computer) and laughed remembering all the stories we had growing up. Fun stuff.

So there. I feel like I'm off to a good start. Hopefully the optimism will follow all the way through the end of the week.

Have a great day,

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Allison said...

What a packed weekend! The trellis looks great.. we would like to do grapes too! And you got some great pics of your kids! :)