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Saturday, June 28, 2008

8:30 POST

Having fun so far??? Hope so.

With this post I would like to explain in more details the service aspect of my new business.

With grace-worthy designs I offer:

1. Custom made scrapbooks and scrapbook pages.
Do you have a special person/s you want to celebrate? How about making a scrapbook for them! Don’t have the time, supplies or feel you’re not creative enough to pull this off? I can help you!

I will first sit down with you in what I call “creative brainstorming”. You will let me know what your vision for the book is and I will toss my ideas out there and see what we can agree on. I want you to feel that this is your book and that I’m just steering you in the right direction. Your pictures and journaling (words you want to include in the book) needs to be handed to me at this time. I will not accept any project if these items are not complete. You wouldn’t want to receive a book with only a portion of it filled with your pictures and words do you?

Pricing for a custom scrapbook made by me are as follows:

8x8 album with 10-15 pages- $75

8 ½ x 11 album with 15-20 pages- $150

12x12 album with 15-20 pages - $225

Each additional page - $10

Single scrapbook page (12x12)- $15

All prices will include the album and all the supplies needed to create your book. A 50% down payment is needed at in our initial meeting. This will be used to purchase all the materials/supplies needed for the project

As you can see my prices are very reasonable. I don’t believe that it should cost you “an arm and a leg” for a special scrapbook. Your pictures and stories will be the main focus in designing the books. The rest of the embellishments are just made to “accentuate” them and not overpower them.

Turn around time for a regular 12x12 postbound album with 20 pages is one week. Although time may vary depending on how detailed the project is. If you wish, I can email you scans of the project when it’s half way done so you can see the progress but due to time constraint, I can only do this once.

On our second meeting, I will hand you the finished book, packaged nicely. You will also receive a detailed copy of your receipt so you know where your money was spent on. The rest of the payment is needed at this time as well.

*If you are not local, all meetings will be done by phone or email and additional cost will be charged for shipping and handling.

2. Custom made invitations and cards

Want to start your next party off to a great start? How about with a tailored invitation?

I can make unique handmade invitations for any occasions. Do you have a wedding, baby shower, birthday, anniversary or a themed party coming up and want that handmade touch to show to your guests? I can help you.

A 10 piece pack of invitations will only cost you $20. That’s not a lot considering all the oohs and aaahs it will generate from your guests. Can also make packs of 20 and 50.

*if you're not local all consultations will be done by phone and/or email. There will be an extra cost for shipping and handling.

3. Classes in a party setting

Do you have a bunch of girlfriends looking for some “girls night in”? Is your teen or preteen wanting a slumber party? Or are you just looking for a different way to put some “craftiness” in your next party? How about having a project based class? I can design a project, whether it’s a scrapbook page, mini album, card set or altered item that you and your guests can do while enjoying each other’s company. All materials will be provided and I will be there every step of the way so you’re sure to finish the project successfully. Class prices will vary depending on the type of project you want to do.

*classes only available in southern California.

4. Creative consultations

Are you looking into doing your next paper craft project yourself? Want to make that special scrapbook or batch of cards but don’t know where to start? I also offer creative consultations. One hour of brainstorming with me would only cost you $20. I will come to you and bring resources that will help you jumpstart your project. I offer design ideas, make the prototype card/invitation with you and share all other resources that I feel will help you make your page, scrapbook, or cards. I bet you will brim with pride once you finished your project and your family and friends would never have a clue that you had a little help along the way.

*if you don't live local, meetings can be done on the phone or email.

5. Web banner designs

Have a website that needs some revamping or sprucing up? Or blog that needs some of your personal style shown on it? I can make a web banner that will fit perfectly with your site/blog’s mood. I use digital scrapbook supplies and my trusty Adobe Photoshop CS software to make you a banner that will help your site visitors’ better feel the mood of your web page.
Pricing for a custom made banner will be $25. This includes an initial consultation with you which can be done through emails or on the phone. I will email you my design once during the process so you can proof it. Turn around time for each banner is 3 days. Your finished banner will be sent to you in the original file (big size) and a smaller version ready to be uploaded on your site. I’m willing to resize the file to fit any site specification if it’s needed.

Whew! I know that's a lot to read but I do hope you were inspired, intrigued and of course interested. *wink*

Check out the website for picture samples.

Do you have a burning question so far? Type them in this post's comment section and I'll try to answer it on the next post.

For this one you might win this.....

Be back in 15.



Allison said...

This post is a bit early ;) But I think that these ideas are great and the prices are not extreme! Your invites would outdo mine on any day :D Maybe one day I can be as creative as you! I'm going to go and check out your Etsy store..

Michele said...

Wow, Grace. You have a ton of great services. I especially love the web banner one and I may need to consult with you on one for my blog!

Leisha said...

What a great business. I look forward to seeing more.

Rochelle said...

I hope I am not too late! I am trying to catch up right now.
So are Grace this sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

great ideas!

Stacy C. said...

Oh wow! This all looks so exciting, Grace. I can't wait to see more!


Amanda Sevall said...

Great ideas and I think your pricing is very reasonable! :)

Char- said...

I think your prices are very reasonable. Hope you can get the word out so people can find you.