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Saturday, June 28, 2008

8:45 POST

Yehey!!! I got my peeps here!!! Woohooo!!! Thanks ladies.

Ok so onto another game..... it's a party after all right?!

This one's an unscramble the words game. Here are the words to unscramble and I have to warn you they're kinda hard. The answers are related to my business, of course, and if you're looking for some hints, check out my website. *wink*

1. htwaogrecyr
2. soutmc
3. sseptyho
4. cnotloainsut
5. meanolcGTra
6. eidaebnswrnbegn
7. lsteyarspsac
8. atoemthasoymm
9. pbkcooras
10. iavitintsno

and the prize for this post is this one.....

One last post after this. :)


Rochelle said...

grace, am i suppose to leave my answers here?

Michele said...

1. htwaogrecyr - grace-worthy
2. soutmc - custom
3. sseptyho - etsy shop
4. cnotloainsut - consultation
5. meanolcGTra - Grace Tolman
6. eidaebnswrnbegn -webbanner design
7. lsteyarspsac - party classes
8. atoemthasoymm - stay-at-home-mom
9. pbkcooras - scrapbook
10. iavitintsno - invitations

Rochelle said...

grace worthly
grace tolman
web banner design
party classes

Rochelle said...

oh!! i know 3 & 8 now!!! :) hehehe

Anonymous said...

ok those are hard! lol
sceaming kid in arms and another crawling on me, cant think but im diggin' what you've got going on over here!

B said...

My 10-yr old daughter had to help me with this...FUN!

1. grace worthy
2. custom
3. etsy shop
4. consultation
5. Grace Tolman
6. web banner design
7. party classes
8. stay at home mom
9. scrapbook
10. invitations

Grace Tolman said...

Rochelle- yeah just write them up here. I'm not pick and it's a random drawing anyways. All for fun. :)

Katrina- don't worry too much girl. Just the fact that you're here makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. LOL. Take your time. Just don't forget to bookmark me. *wink*

Anonymous said...

ok, i can never sean to be able to logg into the goggle/blogger thing dunno why...
im Katrina from the socalscrap board

Allison said...

Okay... here are my answers (I emailed the last ones so that nobody would "cheat" off me...I guess that is the teacher in me. I'll follow the directions this time).
1. htwaogrecyr =Graceworthy
2. soutmc = custom
3. sseptyho = etsy shop
4. cnotloainsut = consultation
5. meanolcGTra = GraceTolman
6. eidaebnswrnbegn = web banner design
7. lsteyarspsac = party classes
8. atoemthasoymm = stay at home mom
9. pbkcooras = scrapbooks
10. iavitintsno = invitations

phew. Not the first one done, but I did it! :)

Leisha said...

Those were tough...
1. Grace-Worthy
2. Custom
4. Consulation
5. Grace Tolman
6. Web Banner Design
9. Scrapbook
10. Invitations

The other three I could get, although I am glad someone else did they may have bugged me for awhile. :] Well I am sigining off for the night. Good Luck and I'll try and stop by tomorrow! Have fun Ladies!

Emilia said...

anak let them enjoy your game, im pretty sure they just love it.


Grace Tolman said...

Hi MOM!!! glad you can join us. *wink*

Stacy C. said...

Oops, I clicked on these comments before I tried to unscramble the words, so I guess the cat is out of the bag. :)

Amanda Sevall said...

I think everyone cracked those jumbled words already!