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Saturday, June 28, 2008

9:02 POST

ooops sorry for the late post. two minutes late is not that bad, right?! I'm going to continue this party a little longer since we have some "fashionably" late comers. hehehehehehe. Take time playing along. Don't worry if you can't do this RIGHT THIS MINUTE, heck I understand. I got kiddos too. *wink*. Remember you have till tomorrow night to comment on any or all of the "party" posts. I will pick a winner after that. Reminder though---- please add your email addy on your comments (this is very important, especially to those that do not have a blogger account cause when you win, I won't have any way of contacting you back. *smile*)

C'mon play along :)


Anonymous said...

lol, sorry grace making it difficult on ya huh?
~Katrina from socalboard

Anonymous said...

O.K. Grace. This is my second attempt at leaving a post. I hpoe it works this time. Great job on every thing!!!! Wonderful projects and beautiful work!! Good luck!!!
Becky Williamson

Emilia said...

A lot of good luck, anak.