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Thursday, May 1, 2008

it finally came........

don't know if you guys remembered but in the beginning of the year I tooted (proudly shared) that a project of mine was requested by Scrapbook trends for a book that they were doing. Well on Tuesday I got this delivered to me........

at first I was confused. I didn't remember ordering anything in the internet but when I opened it up here's what I saw........

So Mitch and I immediately started flipping the pages to see what page my project was in. There were two copies enclosed so I started from the beginning and Mitch started from the back of the book. And then BAM- we found it on page 76. Right smak in the middle!!!

My mini album was actually published in the book. Yay!!! My name was written on top of the page. How stinking cool is this!!!

I know to my great friends that have been published, this is nothing to be gaga over but for me it's my first time in a major publication. I'm sooooooo thrilled. The funnest part (besides the goodies that came with my book) is the many talents that's in this book. The project right after mine is from the very talented Kelly Goree. I'm in the same book as the people I admire. Sooooooo overwhelmed with happiness about that!!!

ok so that was a major triump right? well so I thought, then that night I checked my email and found a very surprising email from somebody at Simple Scrapbooks. They're requesting one of my page for their Sept/Oct 2008 issue.


I still can't wrap my head around all these blessings. It's finally happening to me and I can't even explain how ecstatic I feel.

So that's all for share today.

check back tomorrow cause I'm going to share some links to websites that I love that will have some fun things cooked up for National Scrapbooking Day.

yes my dear family, my favorite obsession actually has a special day in the calendar. *wink*

have a great day,

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Pamela said...

Very cool. Congratulations! I just ordered it from Jen so I can view it in person. :)