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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

offline this weekend

Hi guys....
just wanted to drop by here and let you all know that I'll be gone for the weekend. Going on a weekend trip with hubby to Vegas to celebrate our 6th yr. anniversary. Our first trip without kids in 5 years. So excited. Rest assure that I will be bringing my camera and I will definitely share my adventures with you guys. Oh did I tell you we're going on the motorcycle. Aaaahhh. Haven't done that either in a few years. It will definitely be an ADVENTURE!

So with that said if you need to get a hold of me, well wait till Monday cause I won't be anywhere near the computer. *wink*

Have a great day,

1 comment:

hannie said...

That's great Grace. Hope you'll have a romantic getaway :D
Me and hubby actually planning for a trip away for just the two of us, hope this will be materialised.