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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Vegas Weekend

sheesh, I'm so wiped out!!! anybody felt that you need a vacation AFTER a vacation? Well I'm for sure one of those people. I had a blast though!!! Nothing beats an adventure.

To recap the whole weekend is just an enormous task right now but I do want to share pics and a few tidbits of what we experienced.

First off, if you're wondering how I did riding the motorcycle to and from Vegas..... my statement about that- not gonna do that anymore!!! I can't believe I went through longer rides that this one before. Maybe I'm getting old or that I was just insane back then, either way, riding the motorcycle is just not my cup of tea anymore. I'm sure this made Mitch sad, he even bought me a new leather jacket and was willing to custom build me a more comfortable seat but I told him not to bother cause I really don't wanna be on it again. Sorry hon.

We left kinda late on friday morning cause we had to wait for my parents to pick up the kids. Left Norwalk at around 10:45 am and finally arrived at our hotel around 5:30pm. Scouted out the nearest movie theater around us cause we wanted to watch the Narnia movie which opened that day. Saw the movie. Loved it. That story line is soooo good. I can't wait to see the next sequel. We bought this big thing of coke so we can refill it. We refilled it only once so we between Mitch and I, we drank pretty much one full thing of this each. I'm telling you, drinking a huge thing of coke at 9 pm is not a good idea. I was so pumped up with caffeine that I didn't get to sleep that night. My body was totally tired but my brain kept repeating the events of that day. Whoa!!!

Our hotel was walking distance to the Fremont street and got to see the action there on Friday night. They have a big dome shape screen that shows off lights and video clips. It was a pretty awesome sight.

After tossing and turning pretty much the whole entire night, I decided to get up at 3 am and just write in my journal. Woke up Mitch at 5 am and had an early breakfast. Then we rode the bike to Lake Mead, where he was scouting a place for him and the scouts to camp for their canoe trip in the summer.

When we got back from that, we headed straight to the strip, riding the tram so we can get to the hotels faster. Walked a lot on Saturday. In the morning, we were going to buy tickets for a show that night when we got stopped by some guy telling us we can get free tickets to a show plus dinner if we were willing to give 2 hours of our time to listen to a time share presentation. At first we were hesitant but eventually gave in and we were so happy we did. It was a neat experience. We knew that we weren't going to buy the time share but the things they shared was interesting. At times they got really mean to us trying to intimidate us to buy but we didn't budge and at the end still got out free tickets and meal stubs. Here we are waiting for our presentation...

After 2 hours, we walked some more, discovering all the neat hotels they had there. Of course you can't see everything in a few hours but we did see an eye full. My fave hotel was the "Bellagio". That place is just so fancy, I felt like I was in a palace or a really cool villa in Italy. The structures and details they had was awesome.

look at this ceiling made out of glass flowers. so awesome.

the wall panels are so amazing, I got Mitch to take a pic of me with it as a background.

and they had the biggest chocolate fountain in the whole world. Look at this amazing fountain of chocolates. MMMM yummy!!!

Then we headed off to Ceasar's Palace where I just had to take this pic. *wink*

Lots of unique inspiration there. It's an artist's dream to go around Vegas. I loved this club's idea of putting their place's name and using the O and U as sitting area.

and then in the Treasure Island hotel they had this awesome custom made bike. Just amazing all the little details that was put into it.

And then at night, the lights are just awe inspiring.

so that's how we celebrated our 6th year anniversary. :)

have a great day everyone,


CaRyL HoPe said...

Reading your blog about Vegas brought back happy memories. Went there with hubby last year, LOVED every place we visited. The musical fountain show outside Bellagio was amazing and the garden showcase they had inside was just awesome (everything was made of flowers!).

Thanks for sharing your experience and belated happy anniversary! :-)

Tabitha said...

i am so glad that you 2 had a great time.

Jen Glover said...

Looks like so much fun! Wish I could have gone! Wasn't the County Music Awards going on then? Glad you are back safely! hugs sweetie!

Janean Campbell said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my BOM layout..

Queen of Paper said...

I must say....LOL that bum pinching photo is so funny! LOVED IT! you two looked like you had a GREAT TIME!

Pamela said...

Great pictures!!! Looks like you had fun. :) Oh...and yes, I always feel like I need a vacation after a vacation. :)