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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Latest minibook

ok so first off this is gonna be a loooonnnnggg post.

Over at Scrapwords the theme for this month is minibooks. when I learned about it I was pretty stoked. This is right up my alley. I got a pack of the "love,me" minialbum kit which is available at the store right now and here's what I made with it........

The theme of the minibook was "love,me" and even though the easier topic to do was enumerate my loves I thought of doing something different. I'm very grateful for living at a time that there's a lot of inventions and technology progress that makes our lives easier. Makes our jobs as mom a little lighter to bear. So I came up with this book...

This Modern Mom's Survival items......

this is the first page inside the book

"I’ve often heard the remark that women in the 21st century have it easy. They say we don’t have to work as hard like our 19th century counterparts. Everything is done with a push of a button, a turn of the knob, meals in a box and so on and so forth. In some levels I disagree, but I am aware and very grateful for the little innovations and small things that make my life as a modern mom easier to bear."

More inside pages...


My kids call this “milk with magic”. I don’t think I could’ve made my kids drink their milks without this. Up to this day both Marcus and Maddie has a habit of drinking 2 full cups of strawberry milk a day.

Reclosable bags

These are God sent. You can put anything and everything here, from snacks to crayons to little toys. And the best part- they’re reclosable. No mess, no fuss, no worries.

Sippy cups and straws

No spill, colorful, non-breakable cups are synonymous to kids. They just go together very well. Mom’s very happy to not worry about spills and breakage as well.

PBS channel

How can I ever live without this great channel? I can probably tell you off the bat the shows and times they are on. We tune in to this channel every single day. Love the variety of good and educational cartoons that are kid friendly and mother approved shown here.


Libraries are my best friends. I get my videos, children books and even magazines for inspiration hunting at these wonderful places. The best part- everything is free!

Kids’ meal

Nowadays kids’ meals are also offered with “healthy” options. My kids love the apple with caramel sauce and getting a surprise toy at the end always makes them eager to finish their meals in a flash.

Celphone Earpiece

When I need to make an important phone call or even to just chatter away with a friend, I can always count on my ear piece to help me out. I get to chat but at the same time I have both hands free to multi task.

Mommy and Me Preschool

Seeing your child develop with your own eyes is such a blessing. Here I get to see first hand what my child needs to get ready for school, at the same time spend quality learning time with them.


Imagine carrying a 45 and 20 pound kids on your back! I can’t and would not want to. That’s why I’m very grateful for strollers. With a push and sometimes a pull, I can take my kids to places with ease for both them and me.


Who will remember what their son liked to eat for breakfast when he was 3 years old? Or what kinds of first words their one year old daughter liked to say? I can, because of the great power of scrapbooks. Everything in our life is documented and preserved for future viewing and “blackmailing”.

So to those that think we got it easy and that society have made us spoiled- that’s not the case here. We’re just smart enough to not make it hard for ourselves! Mom 2008

And more pics....

ok so onto things that I wanted to mention about this book...

1. the products in the kit rocked! they were the fun Love Elsie line that was perfect fit for the "modern" look.

2. Since I was making an entire book I had to make sure I spread the products all over the book for balance so I punched circles out of the pattern papers to make it all even and used just a few letters from the rubon for each of my item titles

3. The book had a lot of pages in it but I felt they were not sturdy enough to hold everything I wanted this book to have, so I glued two pages together to make one inside page.

4. To start this project I really had to sit down and make my list. I wanted it to be unique to me so I went with the "little" things. I went with the things that my family really use routinely.

So there you have it. Thank you for going through this post till the end. Hope this inspires you to make something that showcase how you are living right now.

and grab one of these kits, they're really fun to play with. :)

Have a great day,


Pamela said...

Very cool mini book. I love it! :)

Jen Glover said...

Grace what a great idea! I love your book, so colorful and cute! You are going to look back on that in 20 years and wish you had it all over again! Hugs!