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Monday, December 3, 2007

Scrappy stuff.......

Hello everyone, how's your monday shaping up so far? Well for me Monday always means "cleaning day". It's nice to start of your week "freshening up" your surroundings. Taking out the clutter also helps me get a clear mind to get that creative juices up again.
Anyways, I contributed to Valerie Salmon's "Got sketch" blog. Here's my take on this week's sketch (#38). I turned the sketch to it's side so it can work with my vertical 4x6 pictures. I took these photos a while back. Why am I taking pics of my kiddos while they're sleeping you ask? Well cause I wanna remember these "precious moments", especially when they're both in "high energy" mode. LOL.

Here's the link to the blog if any of you are interested in peeking. My sketch should be the last one in the example for this post- http://gotsketch.blogspot.com/

Yesterday after church we just stayed home. My mom wasn't having a dinner at their house, which she usually does. It was ok, at least I got some scrappin time. :)
I made a bunch of birthday cards out of my ever growing scraps. Next year we are going to make birthday announcements in primary a little bit funner so I decorated a mailbox (we had one for some reason stuck in our primary closet) and made these cards. Each kid will get one along with something fun small gift. I think the kids will have fun seeing a mailbox and then pulling out something fun with their name on it.

I made 20 cards so far and I think I wanna make 15 more for good measure (so it will last for the rest of the year). Plus I wanna include the teachers and other board members with it too. Fun, fun, fun! I'm excited. The best part of it all- I was able to clear out a folder full of itty bitty scraps that I've been holding on to for a year! I'm just such a scrap hoarder! Now I feel 10 pounds lighter. Hahahaha!

Have a great day,
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hannie said...

Thank you for the idea of using the left over scrap in doing cards, I'm having trouble thrawing them out coz it is such a pitty..