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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Paper Christmas tree

Here's a very easy and fun project that I wanted to share today.

Christmas Tree Paper Decoration

This is super easy, inexpensive (you probably have everything on hand already) and can easily be changed/altered to fit your own style. This project is so simple you can even have your kids to it.

Christmas themed Pattern papers (about 5 different designs)
Chipboard letters for your greeting (the more random it is the better) and preferably about 2" or taller.
Christmas stickers, tags, embellishments
Star (die cut, hand cut, or chipboard)
Red and Green ribbons
Hole puncher
Sticky adhesive that good for the wall. Mine was called "HoldTu"
Extra: Paint and paintbrush

1. First cut out about 16 pieces of 4x4 squares from your pattern papers. My whole tree measured about 27" tall and 21" wide, but if you have more room on your wall you can make the tree bigger or if short in space, make the dimensions smaller.

2. Lay your paper squares on a big table or on the floor and arrange it like a tree. Refer to the picture for more detail. When arranging the squares try not to put the same pattern close to each other.

3. If you have chipboard letters or elements that needs some paint, do this now so it will dry while you assemble your tree.

4. After assembling the tree, start making holes on each side to bind them all together. Mine was punched with a crop-a-dile puncher and had the setting for 1/2" in. I just held two squares together (wrong sides together) and punched a hole, then tied them together (double knot) with either the red or green ribbon. I alternated the ribbons for added effect.

5. When your tree is all tied together, you can start placing your greeting and elements on the squares. I went with a "Merry Christmas" greeting and divided the letters. Then added some stickers and die cut elements on the bottom squares. Don't forget to place your star on top.

6. Put adhesive on the back of the tree and stick it on the wall. *This project should not fall apart since it's not heavy.

So there you have it. Fast, fun and easy.

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