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Saturday, December 1, 2007

December is here......

Can you believe it? I can't.
Well I can honestly say that I started of the month on a good note. I was supposed to work today but since there's some problems with scheduling at work they pulled out my shift today. Bummer yeah but I think it was for the better. I was able to finally put my christmas decorations out and it's definitely "beginning to look a lot like christmas" around here. Everbody was home (haven't happened in a while) so I had help. Amanda did most of the tree decorating with some help from the little ones. Thank goodness for unbreakable ornaments. Hahahaha! Mitch made a few holes in the wall so I can hang up my ever growing wall decorations. So fun to have them all up. I even got the kids' bathroom decorated in the season. I made a really cute (and easy) paper christmas tree that I placed on my living room wall. I will post some pics of that later on the week. It was fun to do. This year I have 4 trees (1 big one and 3 small ones). How fun is that!
Here's a collage I quickly made at Picasa to show off my fun christmas goodies. I'm noticing that most of them are red and green. Lovin' that color combo. I might have to just stick with that (forever).
And when the decorations were done, we went and watched a Christmas performance at our stake center (church building). It was called "Reason for the Season". It was REALLY GOOD! We did the matinee show (3 pm) and got to watch it without too much interruption from the little ones. The first 10 minutes actually got them both engaged with all the lights moving everywhere and kids singing. Then the rest of the time they were napping. Wohooo! It was really neat to start the "season" with a heartwarming reminder that Jesus is our Christ and that He is the Way.
Anyways so that's it for me right now. Have a happy rest of the weekend. :)


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