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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Overwhelmed and tired.......

For those 3 or 4 people that are looking forward to my christmas project #4, I have to apologize cause I didn't plan it very well. I have a wall paper plaque to share but didn't get the time to write up instructions or materials. Hopefully you can get some inspirations from it and still try to make something like it. Hint: used a hodge podge of different things/supplies here so just go through your stash and have at it. kei!

As for the main reason why I'm so not prepared today..... I have been working nonstop since monday night. I've been so tired and needing some sleep!!! The mall has been closing at 11 lately cause of the last minute shoppers so closing for Charlotte have been up to 1 am or even longer if the store is really messy. Last night I didn't get to go home till close to 2 am and then I have to wake up at 7 am to pick up Amanda at seminary and take her to school. Plus since I'm the sole caregiver for my kiddos during the day, there's no time to nap as well. I'M SO TIRED!!!

On my way to the grocery store this morning I thought of everything that is still left undone to get ready for Christmas. I have presents still needing to be wrapped, projects to be finished and put away and I still need to set some time so the kids can get their gingerbread men decorated. Just looking at my december calendar makes me feel so overwhelmed.

I feel guilty that I get snippy at the kids so easily when they don't do the things I ask them right away. I need my sleep back so I can be a more patient mom. I miss being able to go to bed at the same time with Mitch and I miss doing my evening routine with the kids. :( But then again I am blessed. The more hours means more money which will be helpful plus I'm getting a hang of work which is always a good feeling. I'm no longer feeling clueless. These too will pass and life will go back to normal. Whatever that may be.

But it's not all sad around here, a couple of weeks ago I entered a message board contest at Addicted Scrappers.com. It was a sketch based contest where the winner would be their January Guest designer. I found out yesterday that they picked my layout to win!!! Woohooo!!! I can't wait to play with the January kit and do my responsibilities in the msg. board in january. Here's the layout I made.

So for now this is all I can share and Happy Holidays!!!

Have a great day,


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Queen of Paper said...

Merry Christmas love! :) hope you had a great one and you all stayed nice and warm. I love the pics and the projects you did. all very cute :)