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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Project #2 : Mass producing cards

I know, I know you’re probably looking for some specific project to do and I will post one but first I wanna talk about cards.
This is probably a subject that stresses a lot of you out there; I know this was the case for me a few years back. Especially since with your family and friends you are probably known to be the “crafty” one and but around this time you’re in the middle of many other holiday preparations. Well fret no more. Here’s the trick to sending HANDMADE cards that will be both effective and cute. Are you ready……… mass produce one design.

Maybe some of you are doing this already and to you I say woohooo! But for my friends that are still spending hours, money and brain power trying to make 100 different kinds of cards, hello!!! Why are you making it hard for yourself???!!!
I say mass produce your greetings this year, why? Well for a few reasons (1) because it’s easy, you just make a master design and make 20, 50, or 100 of that specific card. Your cards are sent to different people, I’m sure none of them will contact each other and compare notes as to who got the better looking card this year. Hehehehehe! (2) If you’re a paper crafter like me, you probably have a lot of “tools” sitting in your shelf, waiting to be “used and abused”. Now is the time to get them out and get your monies worth out of them. Get out your punches, die cut machines and stamps. Don’t have any of this? Don’t worry; you can use your computer too. There are tons of free digital elements online, fonts, and cliparts you can use. Make sure you read the fine print first but I’m sure if it’s for personal use they would let you use their stuff.
(3) Besides using what you already have, mass producing also takes out the huge cost that you might spent if making too many diff. designs. The fewer products you have to buy the better and usually if you buy stuff in bulk, like paper, you get a better deal. And finally (4) Mass producing allows you to “divide and conquer”. You can make your cards in an assembly line fashion.
Example- you can make all the base of the card tonight, do the stamping tomorrow night, assemble the card the following night, print out your pics on another day, and so on. This leaves you some time to get “important things” done like making dinner for the family. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day knowing you are closer to your ultimate goal rather than feeling so stressed out that you still have an X amount of cards to make. You know what I’m saying!

So that’s my tip for this week. Don’t make it hard on yourself and enjoy the process. BTW, the pics are of my massed produced christmas cards this year.

Happy Holidays,


Charity S. said...

Great cards!!! They are sooo adorable! I did the same thing.....
check 'em out here!
TFL! Merry Christmas!!

Mrs. Doyle said...

Can't wait to get your Christmas card!