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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lola's gonna love this.......

just thought I post something other than scrappy stuff today...... (to all my scrap friends don't worry I will post a christmas project later on) but for everybody else, especially Lola (grandma Emy) thought you would like these photos.
Here's Maddie who found a desire to wear her boots that Lola got her for her birthday in October. Lovin that my kid is instyle. Isn't she the cutest (yeah I know i'm a little bias. hehehehe)!!!

Oh and this is what she is now, totally into everything SHE'S NOT SUPPOSE TO TOUCH!!! Driving me nuts! Yeah she's totally in the terrible two stage. Urggh not looking forward to this! Like yesterday I was making lunch and when I called her and her brother over to the kitchen, I found her in my room with a lotion on one hand and my bent glasses on the other. Needless to say I was furious. Thank goodness Mitch was able to bend it back to place, otherwise I had to order a new pair which right now I really don't want to do.

Oh and in this impromptu photo shoot, she wanted to get a few with her cookie monster toy. Hay, how can you say no to that face?!

Happy weekend everyone,
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Mrs. Doyle said...

love the ugg boots! she is the cutest!!! (i dont care if i'm bias) hehehe