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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the Donut Mill experience

On the Saturday that we did this hike, we also took a trip to a famous landmark in Woodland Park called The Donut Mill.
I first learned of this place during a trip to the local farmer's market in the area. There was a vendor selling these HUGE donuts. I was blown away by the size. It's like the size of my palm, except it was round! The vendor told me it was from the "Donut Mill" up in Woodland park. I've never heard of it but after talking with him and also with a friend from church who grew up in this area, I knew that the family and I needed to take a visit there. So our time came when we took our hike. After lunch, we drove to Woodland Park which is about 30 minutes drive west of Colorado Springs, into the mountains. There was no line and we were welcomed by beautiful and enormously large sweets.

We just had lunch and seeing the size of the donuts, we opted to just pick two and cut it in half to share. The kids chose a long one with chocolate top and cream filling inside. Mitch and I shared a round donut with maple glazed. Yum-o!

The place was a decent size and they had these old chairs and some more antique displays. They had a newspaper clipping framed and as I read it, I learned that this place has been a landmark for Woodland Park for many years. It got burned down in the 70's and they rebuilt it to what it is now. I love going to places with a bit of history.
They also had this frame cartoon sketch on the wall which I thought was so funny and yet so true!

and here's the family enjoying our mid day dessert....

Mitch thumbs up approval is true eventhough his face might show otherwise, it's just hard to chew and smile at the same time.

and Ms. Maddie enjoying her chocolate donut even if it's leaving chocolate spots around her mouth. As soon as we sat down to eat our donuts, a big group of people walked in to get their donut mill fix for the day. It's a good thing we beat the crowd.

and here's me with a mouth-full-of-donut daugther, an evidence of how delicious this trip was!

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